Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Short One

Made Thanksgiving for the family yesterday (besides terry who was sick)

SO MUCH TO DO TODAY but I didnt feel like doing ANYTHING and B was SO CRANKY.

Rory has a cold coming

Paul's surgery was scheduled for Nov 14,


Basketball registration tomorrow night for Samara

Fingers crossed for Thursday morning!!! (details later)

Discovered Sons of Anarchy...


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

WHAT? No Post Since July?

Soooo whats new and exciting....

We're outside of Truro and LOVE IT. Love our house, love the property LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Didnt get cable when we moved... STILL dont have it. After talking to my aunt Ive decided I will get it for the Christmas season (cause I love the crazy Christmas tv) then I will disco after whatever promotion they offer is finished :)

Cut the kids off internet and their dependance on it. A little isnt bad but the amount they would like (especially Donavan) is deadly.

Got a goat (Thanks Deb and Bill). Wanted him for a 4H project for Samara this year... Good thing: He is cute and FUNNY and hangs out in the yard. Bad Thing: Guess you cant have a goat with horns in 4h. Making it a positive: Once we are set up (and not rigged up) for goats we will get a girl, breed them and then try our hand at goats milk feta :) Then we will decide Tiki's fate. Right after we got him (haha now) he went into (is in) rut... Makes him competitive, dominent, and apt to pee in his mouth and on his face (ew). In short he is being a shithead who is actually a peehead. THANKFULLY it doesnt hurt when he head butts you... not so thankfully if youre wearing shorts he tries to hook his horns into the bottom of your shorts and he tends to scratch you with them. OUCHIE.

Bridgette is cute and sweet and growing like crazy. She is 6 weeks old today.

She is very constipated. Ive tried everything anyone has told me to try and so today I bought her a cute hazelwood necklace from the natural parenting store in Truro. The owner says she has customers who SWEAR by them. Fingers crossed.

Paul got his year raise YAY.

Also someone at work got a new job so he is leaving evenings for afternoons. YAYISH. This means I will have him home at night and in the morning but he is going to leave for work before the kids are home from school and be home LONG after theyre in bed. He will see the 2 big kids 4 days a month. Im optimistic it will make my life easier. We shall see :)

Well, gotta change the baby and then go vote. GOGOGOGOOOOOOOOOOO

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

If Only It Werent So Uncomfortable To Sit And Type

That about covers it. Sitting is uncomfortable and I hate typing on my phone.

Whats new and exciting?

Not much.

met the new dr, she is great. We are going ahead with the foley induction (yay). Baby is looking big again so we are having a growth scan/ measuring ultrasound to be sure at 38 weeks (I am 36 +3) right now. I am hoping that means that she will consider inducing early. Just want it over with so I can enjoy some summer LOL. yeah Im that selfish at this point.

Because of the size thing she sent me to the diabetes clinic. I cheated at supper (honey ham and then chow on my tatoes and an extra glass of 5% milk... TERRIBLE) and my sugars after an hour were THROUGH THE FREAKING ROOF... (9.4, should have been under 7.8). They were 7.4 after 2 hours but it gives me something to strive for tomorrow... GOOD SUGARS ;) The diet freaking sucks though.

house is going GREAT. I dont feel up to doing ANYTHING around here... Again, cant wait to not be pregnant!

Thats all she wrote right now


Friday, 28 June 2013

First Night Aloneeeee

Kids are with Kev, Paul's on backshift and I am hanging out all alonnnnneeeee in my Harmony Haven.

Absolutely loving it here, so peaceful and nice, just the way life should be :)

My uncles wedding is tomorrow evening, followed by reception and dance. I am excited for Paul to meet more family and SO excited that we will be able to dance together at the reception :) :) Opportunities like that just hardly come up these days. Loving life, loving family.

May not make it through the Summer with all of the kids. How did  they get this BAD?!?! Not bad kids bad but WONT PLAY INDEPENDENTLY bad. Rory is great but Samara and Donavan are a different story. they want either entertained or electronic stimulation. I'm hoping to have changed that by the end of Summer lol. We shall see. Things have actually been going better than I expected without cable so that is something I guess.

Well I think I am going to take my phone and check out some netflix in my bed. Slept from 1:30 to about 7:15 so I am hoping I will still be able to sleep tonight... Guess we will see soon enough!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Getting Closerrrrr

Living room needs a little touch up around the bottom, kitchen needs a few TINY unnoticeable things touched up, Dining room is DONE. Bathroom is DONE. Donavan and Rory's John Deere room needs another coat of green on 1 wall and a few touch ups and another full coat of yellow. Samara's room needs another coat and is going to need another can (WOW dark purple). Our room and the hallway and the trims will wait until we are moved in and settled :) Finally my week of painting is almost over :):)

Eastlink comes tomorrow morning to hook up our wireless and home phone in the morning (I bought a cordless and it is charging now... Guess Ill be unhooking the computer tonight to take with me in the morning...)

Packed all day today, tons left to pack.

Family picnic at the park with the school tomorrow then packing in the afternoon. After school The kids are going to their aunts and I will spend the evening making sure we are ready!

It appears the pond is bigger (DEEPER) than we originally thought so Paul will be re-fencing it but the yard has natural boundaries and the older kids are PLENTY old enough to obey them (And play with Rory within them).

Saturday is moving day! I'm sitting in the trailer sweating my ass off and it kills me knowing that my cool double insulated house is sitting there empty and cool.

Today is Mr Donavan's 6th birthday. When Paul gets up it will be time to head to Truro for supper and maybe a little painting....


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Doctor Day

Paul called in sick so he could take me to the doctor today. Appt is this afternoon.

The kids have their end of year concert tonight. Makes me a bit crazy. The school didnt send home any guidelines for dress and the concert starts at 6:30... I asked Samara what time they wanted them there... they had said by 6:30. Wheres the organization?!?!

Find out on Saturday hen we can move in! I'm really hoping for around the 20th but who knows. I'm having lots of anxiety about it because I cant help and I dont know who else is helping Paul... My step father said him and my brother would be around but who knows on the actual day... Pauls friend said he would IF HE WAS AROUND (to me thats a no but we shall see). Pauls sister said she would help but she is working afternoon/ evenings on our estimated moving day. Who knows...

Monday, 10 June 2013

I am miserable and pregnant

Yeahhhh. That's why theres been no posts... nothing new. Probably moving in 10 days... NOT READY AT ALL. too tired to get ready. Standing hurts my groin, sitting makes me feel faint.


Friday, 7 June 2013


Cant wait to move, right now when we run out of dog food our options are limited to what we can get close by... So the dogs get crap food occasionally... then punish me by shitting in the kennel in the early morning. Yep, lovely at 5:30 AM. and of course they did it JUST as Paul had to leave. BLECH. Ive been up since then (eating snack foods) and now I am going to put the kids' lunch together, find them clothes and then wake them up and toss them out the door. THEN I will sleep (until that rotten Rory makes me get up). BLAH. Hoping for a sleep in today. Ive earned it after this morning. Thankfully it is Friday so I wont have to try to get Paul (or the kids) up for a few days.

Cant wait to be moved! By then school will be over and I wont have to get up with the kids like this for a couple of months. (score). And Paul will have a shorter trip. And no more of this trailer. :p

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Ughhhhh. Finn has been SO FREAKING GASSY LATELY! I can't take it!

Done little lately...

Failed my sugar screening test so I had to retest. Retest sucked but I passed!

30 Weeks yesterday!

Paul shaved his dog... she looks so stupid. (poor thing)... He figured it would cut down her shedding... (I figure he was bored),

Talked to the landlady to be today. She is hoping our house will be ready by the 20th at the earliest. That would be awesome! The carpenter was there and fixed the holes etc and PRIMED for us to paint. Paul is excited to paint now LOL. Who knew primer was the magic word?!?!

I just cant wait to be settled in my cut little house! SO EXCITED!

Kids are almost done school. SAVE ME FROM THE SUMMER BREAK LOL. I hope if we instill rules strictly and early it wont be too bad. NO FIGHTING NO BICKERING ETC! Not having cable and making them go outside will help.

We're getting a trampoline for them for grading so that will be exciting. Sadly I cant play on it anytime soon LOL.

Reread the Sookie Stackhouse books (including the newest one) this week. I love them. The newest one pulled everything together nicely. I am happy with it but sad theyre over. I love the characters. Reading Laurel K Hamilton now.

A big mouse jumped out and scared the shot out of me the other day while going through boxes in the closet... Paul is finishing the boxes.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pretty good day yesterday

I had some problems falling asleep as usual but eventually I managed and I also managed to get the kids up for school. GOAL!


Long boring day home today. LOL all is quiet on the home front. Rory and I and the dogs here. I have laundry planned Paul is going to his parents after work to borrow a lawn mower so no real supper to plan either.

Lost my glasses yesterday... found them last night finally but they are scratched to HECK! Guess it will be time to actually invest in new ones. It sucks that they are SOOOO expensive! Guess I should save my pennies!

I have to cut more fabric for my rug today. It is coming along very well but I am out of strips LOL.

Should probably charge my ereader too... This is my life LOL

Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh Misery


And when I AM TIRED I am a WRECK.

I am emotional and insane and moody and crying and all of these things give me insomnia and then I AM STILL TIRED.

I am also hormonal. (And 29 weeks pregnant as of today).

The kids missed the bus this morning because I couldnt pull myself off the bed to put them on the bus because when Paul's alarm rang at 4:30 for him to get up I couldnt get back to sleep... Last I looked it was 6 and my alarm was ringing in a half an hour. I dont even remember it going off. I remember thinking, "Aw crap" and looking at my phone and seeing it was 6:45... bus time.

Wanna call me the wah-mbulance yet? I can go onnnnnnn and onnnnn.

In my head:

I feel like Paul was mad at me leaving the house yesterday morning (to work at his parents) because of the laundry and because he couldnt find clothes... when he left without kissing me goodbye it was instant rejection and blahhh so that shaped allll of yesterday...  I did all of the laundry and went through everyone's clothes, I cleaned the kitchen and livingroom (to the best of my ability) and scrubbed the tub (again to the best of my ability... bending HURTS!). He texted me nice all day so that made me feel a LITTLE better but when he got home he was a little down because he ended up there later than he hoped and he felt he missed out on his weekend because he was working for his dad. I understand but again IN MY HEAD more rejection. By the end of it I went to bed at 9 because I was feeling out of control and couldnt handle being in the livingroom with him and the (felt) rejection anymore. He came to bed and again I couldnt handle it so I went to the tub until he was good and asleep and I could go back to bed and self pity alone again.

lol I am a big ball of needy self pity and blah.

All of this after balling all night (thursday??) because I am so sick of WANTING to get things done and knowing that if I overdo it I regret it.

I feel like a failure and a disappointment and I am working on this but I CANT IF I DONT SLEEP.

I cant wait to move. there will be so much less stress and less creak in the wall keeping me up and I will have a purpose again, getting the house ready and preparing for baby.

I have a drs appt on Thursday and I think Ive decided to talk to Dr Sandlin about transferring to Truro. I dont want to have the extra stress of Paul working an hour and a half away and him trying to care for the dogs and hour and a half away etc etc.

After the hell that was having Rory I NEED this to be calm and right. Doing it with the right person is going to be a huge thing. I am so excited to be having a baby with my absolute best friend... It's just getting through this next month or so that will be the kicker!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Moving in a monthish (give or take a few days LOL)

Just sitting in this chair is making me feel like crap. Oh pregnancy woesssss.

There is so much to do and so much time to do it in. I want to PACK EVERYTHING LIKE CRAZY! Do the whole 4 outfits each thing... 5 plates, spoons forks cups etc but there is a WHOLE MONTH LEFT! But I dont want to be at the end packing it all. I figure today is a good day to and and get rid of some clothes... (Paul is very irritated with me over the laundry situation... I like to think it is 50/50 reasonable... The kids and I have enough clothes that I can do laundry twice a week or every few days and be fine... Paul has 4 pairs of jeans... 1 pair he wont wear because they have no pockets, 1 pair he prefers not to wear because they have holes... 1 pair of work jeans and 1 pair of good jeans... He doesnt have many shirts either... So when there is piles apon piles of our clothes and few of his mixed in it is hard for him to find some... I HATE PUTTING CLOTHES AWAY lol)

Cant fricking wait to be moved.

Let me count the ways: (starting good LOL)

  1. LOVE the house we're moving to
  2. Cant wait to start gardening and so on
  3. Cant wait to see the end of Wentworth!
  4. The front door here doesnt latch and BLOWS OPEN when it is windy unless you put a chair there... in the TINY BOWLING ALLEY HALLWAY
  5. SOMETHING int he wall between our bedroom and the bathroom creaks LOUDLY when it is windy... And it keeps me up!
  6. Cant wait to get the kids in a routine
  7. I NEED TO GET READY for this baby!!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Already

GOOD GRIEF I'M SLEEP DEPRIVED! (and feeling like crap to be honest)...

Today is Friday of Paul's first week of morning shift and I am liking it. He is on it again next week too. He says he preferred back shift but it's so nice to have him in bed (though that's probably why I dont sleep!)

Had delicious chili supper at Henri's last night and the kids played a bit and that was about it for this week lol. The kids are going to their aunt's this Saturday night and I think Paul plans on working for his dad this weekend so it's all up in the air for me right about now. It's okay thought, I'm re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse books (and including the new one) so I can curl up anywhere.

I started a new rug using tee-shirt material and I am feeling really good about it. Paul's such a sweet, he keeps saying it will look great on our new house wall but I was thinking at the sink on the floor. Time will tell :D

Kids are at school, Paul is at work, Rory is watching shows and the dogs are sleeping on the floor.

Life is good.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Getting a Late Start

Today is Paul's first morning shift and to celebrate that I wanted to HARDCORE (in a pregnant painful way) CLEAN the house so he would be all "WOW" when he got home...

I didnt sleep last night so Rory and I got a late start this morning... Just finished filling up on breakfast in fact.

So onward and upward...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Best weekend ever!

Kids went to their father's on Friday. My pans for Saturday included sleeping in while Paul slept off his back shift and then snuggling and hanging around the house. Well he got home and had the car already filled with gas for a ROAD TRIP to the VALLEY. Yay! We jumped in the car with the doggies and headed out. Stopped for coffee and drrrrooooooveeee. He napped while I drove and listened to my music :)

We stopped in Rawdon at Smiley's and ran the dogs for a few minutes and then drove some more. I took Paul to Pearl's of Paradise for lunch... he wanted a burger... A BURGER. AT PEARLS. Sacrilege. I had him get a 3 piece fish and chips to share. While we waited for our order we saw a little ancient lady RUN for her order when her number was called. THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW IT'S GOOD! Paul agree'd it was the best thing ever and we continued on.

My aunt and uncle live in Bridgetown and I figured they'd be working etc so I wasn't going to stop in but we dithered and I told Paul I'd show him where they live and if it looked like they were home we could stop. We stopped and I checked and turned out it was my cousin's daughters b-day so  my aunt and uncle, 2 cousins, 1's man and all their kids were there. We visited for a couple of hours and went back on the road.

I tried to be all mysterious dropping in to a friend's house down there (lol) but she figured it out. Paul and I followed Digby to Digby neck and drove some more LOL It was lovely. Afterward we headed to Deb's. Paul went with Bill to bond and work and do mysterious man stuff and Deb and I chatted and gossipped and caught up... Then we took the dogs out to play... Then my dogs discovered chasing goats and they were OFF.

Once we chased them down and got the goats contained we went back to our coffee and the manfolk came back. Bill fixed the fence and we chatted more. Paul and I bunked in the boys' room in a teeny bed. mmm bacon and eggs for breakfast and more coffee.

Eventually we said our goodbyes and headed home. and got lost... and headed home. We stopped at a flea market/ swap meet yard sale thing then a few more yard sales. Once closer to home we stopped at Masstown so Paul could buy me a rose plant for our anniversary. They had little roses on sale buy one get 1 free for 8 bucks. My always thinking Paul splurged though and bought me a big bush to plant at our new home. I LOVE HIM.

Kev brought the kids home and then we took them to the drive in theater for the evening :D Rise of the Guardians was awesome! and so was Star Trek :D We skipped Hansel and Gretel (Paul and I had seen it) and took our sleeping kiddies home. :D We got home around 3:30am and crashed hard.

Today I am feeling it HARDCORE so it's been a resting and unproductive day. Paul's making Hamburger Helper, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob...

And it's almost ready!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013


So... We got the house and why, Yes... I am excited! I love the control KNOWING gives you. I KNOW that we have a house July 1st. I KNOW that July 2nd Ill be waking up in my new HOME. I am so freaking excited it should be illegal...

I know it is only May but my trailer is RIPPED apart. I have been packing and getting rid of EVERYTHING that we wont need for the next Month and a bit. I can't wait. I'm already half planning a housewarming for the end of the Summer once this baby is free of my body ;)

Kids are going to their father's tomorrow for the weekend. I will have a nice peaceful weekend ending on Sunday when we hit the drive-in for the first movies of the year. I love when life is going smoothly. We're waiting to head if my brother has an opponent for the fights on Monday.

I took the kids to Masstown today when they got home from school. After a small hitch (I AM SO TIRED OF THEM FIGHTING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING!) we wandered around and then had ice cream and bought pizza for supper. It was pretty good :) That place is my Disney... LOL.

Rory has been extra cute and clever lately... Plus he pee'd on the potty all day yesterday. Today was a little too cool in the house for him to run naked all day but I think he's got the hang of it. Right now he is doing handstands on the couch watching Bugga Bunny.


Monday, 13 May 2013


I am so tired and cranky today... It`s been one of those `waiting for bedtime`kind of days. Hooo hummmm.

Chicken for supper.

Nothing more to report lol.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


We piled in the car yesterday to go and look at THE HOUSE. Paul stayed up after his back shift (and was a WEE bit cranky). I wanted to leave here by 9:30 and we were on the road by 9:45... SUCCESS! Took the highway down (VERY FOGGY OVER THE MOUNTAIN) and ended up where Paul wanted us to be. Yay. The he used my Google maps app on the phone to find the house. WELL. As we know that can be a bit dubious but since it was Paul's first time he hasn't been acquainted with it's fickle nature. So we got a LITTLE lost in a new-ish looking subdivision-ish place with street names like Sugar Maple Road LOL.

It wasn't hard to get back on track and soon we had found the little road that our could-be dream house was on. Going by memory we looked for the house by street number (I was WRONG by about 30 numbers LOL) so because there was little service we turned and looked by eyeing the houses... the one we were looking for was QUITE distinctive. NOPE. Found service before Paul buried my body or fed me to a hillbilly looking person on the side of the farm-y rural road (haha). He saw the number on a mail box by a little dirt lane... (Off the road... CHECK!) We drove up the lane (past the houses on the next lane and into the trees... (No neighbors in sight... CHECK) Okay so it was small... and MESSY... like someone was still living there... barbecue... bikes... old snow mobile... smoking pile of burning cans... But the people had said "use imagination..." So I looked PAST that... and was charmed by the TINY cottage. Paul was charmed by the huge garage with bay doors and a wood stove. (Not so charmed by the rotting deer head hanging from the back of it.) So the second out building is gone (it was a tiny shed) and the fence around the "fenced" pond was pretty much gone. But we walked over to the pond and a huge frog jumped and startled Paul... I was home. I freaking LOVE frogs. they're so neat. Its a small shallow little duck pond (I'm picturing a little duck house with ducks named Huey, Duey, Scrooge, Darkwing, Launchpad and JimBo). The 4 acres are wooded except the clearing for the house, and for the pond.... I'm going to draw you a picture and figure out how to insert it... 1 internet sec.

It literally has a cabin cottage peaceful feel to it. 

The inside was a mess... Ugly half painted (sometimes holey) walls... most of the person's furniture including toys and movies and clothes and televisions... I feel bad for the landlords who basically are packing this person's entire house and putting it in storage for 60 days... If all goes through they would give us the key early so we could paint before we moved in. 

We put in their application so now it's the waiting game :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

What a Morning and Some Could be Good News

I had a terrible sleep last night! Paul working back shift is starting to get to me. I like it MUCH better than afternoons (he was on before he was laid off) because I feel like we get lots of time spent together during the day but sleeping without him every night is hard. You get so used to a big warm body to cuddle up to (or fight with for space) then when it is gone it is weird. Last night was the first night that I laid awake listening for creepy sounds too LOL. BLARG.

Samara's appt at Ambulatory care for her wart burn off was this morning. I had to stop by my mother's so I figured I would bring Donavan too and then take them both to school when we got home. YEAH. I don't know what it is with that kid lately but he WONT LISTEN TO ANYTHING. It's insanity. But that was just a small annoyance after Samara's HYSTERICS about getting it done. WOW. She refused at first so the dr went to another patient. I told her if she didn't do it then she was GROUNDED until it is done. She was still refusing so the Dr grabbed her arm under his and I held her body and we tried to keep her still to do it. FUN. If she needs it done again I am just going to go with reasoning with her. Get it done or don't leave the house. And instead of forcing it then ground her. Why can't things be easy?

Shaved Wookie and bathed him last night. He is small and skinny lol... And smells better. I put a little lavender oil on him too to deter fleas until next week when I can get him treated. I don't understand how it is that he is SOOOO prone to them! (Plus he smells worse than the 2 big dogs together!)


We are going to look at a house to rent tomorrow. (And if we LOVE it after being there awhile they are willing to rent to own!!!) I've only seen a picture of the front. They said that the last tenants TRASHED it inside and abandoned it and they would prefer to re renovate before they show the inside but if we use our imagination they will show us (!!!) The house is 2 story with a 4 piece bath. upstairs there is a master bedroom and second bedroom. Downstairs there is an open kitchen, dining room, living room and then a small bedroom/ office off the living room. The basement is unfinshed and concrete and they said there is space down there for another bedroom. There is a front deck and from the picture, one of the bedrooms upstairs has a small balcony (!!!). It is wood heated with propane to back it up. There is a detached workshop with it's own wood stove and another smaller shed. The house is on 4 wooded acres and there is a fenced pond included :D And it is dog friendly :D

It meets ALL of our requirements and tomorrow we will find out how close the closest neighbor is. As long as they aren't RIGHT THERE it sounds perfect. They know we want something for the first of July and if it goes well that gives us a month and a half to get completely ready and have the damage deposit and first month scraped up lol. I am so excited to look at it :D

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Sitting here in my messy living room I am thinking about all of the things I would like to be doing if I weren't so uncomfortable... Like cleaning without my head wanting to pop off after the first couple of bends. 

Took the big kids to school this morning and did my part volunteering (it was my week to do fluoride.) 

Fought with Donavan a bit this morning. I don't know what has gotten into him but it is NO FUN. He argues EVERYTHING! And when he isn't arguing he is doing something he shouldn't be. It is exhausting. I've always tried to pick my battles but GEEZ. Just occasionally can he do what I ask. Plain and simple. This morning it was small and stupid. He dressed himself. GOOD. It is a hot day and they are going to the Tim Horton's camp for the afternoon so I asked him to change into a t-shirt. "This is a t-shirt." Well no... it was a long sleeved shirt made out of long under wear material. I like natural consequences normally but I would also like to be acknowledged that A- I know what a t-shirt is and B- if I say it will be warm then it will. SO THERE!

Let the dogs out this morning and when it came time to come back in 1 dog actually listened and came. That drives me NUTS! Finn minds me... Sam and Wookie ignore me. Very rude. 

Paul wanted to head up to his parents and get a few things done today after school before he knew that we pick them up 2 hours late today because of the camp thing this afternoon... Now I don't know if it is still the plan? He had his second back shift last night and found out that he will be on back shift next week too. I am missing him at night but it is really nice having the whole bed (minus the corner Rory takes up). He leaves here at 9:30ish to work for 10:45 then is done at 6:45am and home around 7:30- almost 8.

Well Rory just discovered his skinned knee and needs an "Elmo" bandaid... According to him the "Dombies got me..." He's such a character.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A New Day... A New Blog

Starting out in a tiny trailer in Wentworth and hopefully ending off with a small self-sustaining homesteady micro-farm some place isolated and peaceful. Can't wait! This blog is going to be my way of holding myself accountable on our journey. A fiend of mine moved to the Valley awhile ago and reading her facebook posts I am so envious at times. Even of little things I COULD be doing now... she has chickens.... I could have chickens... she has a garden... I could have a garden... she has actual hobbies and things she likes to do... I COULD TOO! lol.

Starting off right now there are 5 of us (and one on the way) and 3 dogs living in a 2 bedroom trailer... With a big orange cat who lives outside. The dynamic doesn't work. The manly man of the household just went back to work (nights this week). He works 45 minutes away. 

Because of this our short term goals right now include:
  • pay down/ off our high power bill accrued over the Winter in this cold trailer
  • find somewhere to rent, either outside of Truro or in Pictou county
  • survive until then
Very straight forward. Him being back to work will make things easier to get caught up. He makes more money and him driving the 45 minutes each way makes our plight more real... Plus I am 6 months pregnant and we dont want to ad another child to this leaky moldy trailer.

Well... I must go bring the kids lunch to school and get started on some laundry. Chow!