Thursday, 13 June 2013

Doctor Day

Paul called in sick so he could take me to the doctor today. Appt is this afternoon.

The kids have their end of year concert tonight. Makes me a bit crazy. The school didnt send home any guidelines for dress and the concert starts at 6:30... I asked Samara what time they wanted them there... they had said by 6:30. Wheres the organization?!?!

Find out on Saturday hen we can move in! I'm really hoping for around the 20th but who knows. I'm having lots of anxiety about it because I cant help and I dont know who else is helping Paul... My step father said him and my brother would be around but who knows on the actual day... Pauls friend said he would IF HE WAS AROUND (to me thats a no but we shall see). Pauls sister said she would help but she is working afternoon/ evenings on our estimated moving day. Who knows...

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