Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Short One

Made Thanksgiving for the family yesterday (besides terry who was sick)

SO MUCH TO DO TODAY but I didnt feel like doing ANYTHING and B was SO CRANKY.

Rory has a cold coming

Paul's surgery was scheduled for Nov 14,


Basketball registration tomorrow night for Samara

Fingers crossed for Thursday morning!!! (details later)

Discovered Sons of Anarchy...


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

WHAT? No Post Since July?

Soooo whats new and exciting....

We're outside of Truro and LOVE IT. Love our house, love the property LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Didnt get cable when we moved... STILL dont have it. After talking to my aunt Ive decided I will get it for the Christmas season (cause I love the crazy Christmas tv) then I will disco after whatever promotion they offer is finished :)

Cut the kids off internet and their dependance on it. A little isnt bad but the amount they would like (especially Donavan) is deadly.

Got a goat (Thanks Deb and Bill). Wanted him for a 4H project for Samara this year... Good thing: He is cute and FUNNY and hangs out in the yard. Bad Thing: Guess you cant have a goat with horns in 4h. Making it a positive: Once we are set up (and not rigged up) for goats we will get a girl, breed them and then try our hand at goats milk feta :) Then we will decide Tiki's fate. Right after we got him (haha now) he went into (is in) rut... Makes him competitive, dominent, and apt to pee in his mouth and on his face (ew). In short he is being a shithead who is actually a peehead. THANKFULLY it doesnt hurt when he head butts you... not so thankfully if youre wearing shorts he tries to hook his horns into the bottom of your shorts and he tends to scratch you with them. OUCHIE.

Bridgette is cute and sweet and growing like crazy. She is 6 weeks old today.

She is very constipated. Ive tried everything anyone has told me to try and so today I bought her a cute hazelwood necklace from the natural parenting store in Truro. The owner says she has customers who SWEAR by them. Fingers crossed.

Paul got his year raise YAY.

Also someone at work got a new job so he is leaving evenings for afternoons. YAYISH. This means I will have him home at night and in the morning but he is going to leave for work before the kids are home from school and be home LONG after theyre in bed. He will see the 2 big kids 4 days a month. Im optimistic it will make my life easier. We shall see :)

Well, gotta change the baby and then go vote. GOGOGOGOOOOOOOOOOO

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

If Only It Werent So Uncomfortable To Sit And Type

That about covers it. Sitting is uncomfortable and I hate typing on my phone.

Whats new and exciting?

Not much.

met the new dr, she is great. We are going ahead with the foley induction (yay). Baby is looking big again so we are having a growth scan/ measuring ultrasound to be sure at 38 weeks (I am 36 +3) right now. I am hoping that means that she will consider inducing early. Just want it over with so I can enjoy some summer LOL. yeah Im that selfish at this point.

Because of the size thing she sent me to the diabetes clinic. I cheated at supper (honey ham and then chow on my tatoes and an extra glass of 5% milk... TERRIBLE) and my sugars after an hour were THROUGH THE FREAKING ROOF... (9.4, should have been under 7.8). They were 7.4 after 2 hours but it gives me something to strive for tomorrow... GOOD SUGARS ;) The diet freaking sucks though.

house is going GREAT. I dont feel up to doing ANYTHING around here... Again, cant wait to not be pregnant!

Thats all she wrote right now


Friday, 28 June 2013

First Night Aloneeeee

Kids are with Kev, Paul's on backshift and I am hanging out all alonnnnneeeee in my Harmony Haven.

Absolutely loving it here, so peaceful and nice, just the way life should be :)

My uncles wedding is tomorrow evening, followed by reception and dance. I am excited for Paul to meet more family and SO excited that we will be able to dance together at the reception :) :) Opportunities like that just hardly come up these days. Loving life, loving family.

May not make it through the Summer with all of the kids. How did  they get this BAD?!?! Not bad kids bad but WONT PLAY INDEPENDENTLY bad. Rory is great but Samara and Donavan are a different story. they want either entertained or electronic stimulation. I'm hoping to have changed that by the end of Summer lol. We shall see. Things have actually been going better than I expected without cable so that is something I guess.

Well I think I am going to take my phone and check out some netflix in my bed. Slept from 1:30 to about 7:15 so I am hoping I will still be able to sleep tonight... Guess we will see soon enough!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Getting Closerrrrr

Living room needs a little touch up around the bottom, kitchen needs a few TINY unnoticeable things touched up, Dining room is DONE. Bathroom is DONE. Donavan and Rory's John Deere room needs another coat of green on 1 wall and a few touch ups and another full coat of yellow. Samara's room needs another coat and is going to need another can (WOW dark purple). Our room and the hallway and the trims will wait until we are moved in and settled :) Finally my week of painting is almost over :):)

Eastlink comes tomorrow morning to hook up our wireless and home phone in the morning (I bought a cordless and it is charging now... Guess Ill be unhooking the computer tonight to take with me in the morning...)

Packed all day today, tons left to pack.

Family picnic at the park with the school tomorrow then packing in the afternoon. After school The kids are going to their aunts and I will spend the evening making sure we are ready!

It appears the pond is bigger (DEEPER) than we originally thought so Paul will be re-fencing it but the yard has natural boundaries and the older kids are PLENTY old enough to obey them (And play with Rory within them).

Saturday is moving day! I'm sitting in the trailer sweating my ass off and it kills me knowing that my cool double insulated house is sitting there empty and cool.

Today is Mr Donavan's 6th birthday. When Paul gets up it will be time to head to Truro for supper and maybe a little painting....


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Doctor Day

Paul called in sick so he could take me to the doctor today. Appt is this afternoon.

The kids have their end of year concert tonight. Makes me a bit crazy. The school didnt send home any guidelines for dress and the concert starts at 6:30... I asked Samara what time they wanted them there... they had said by 6:30. Wheres the organization?!?!

Find out on Saturday hen we can move in! I'm really hoping for around the 20th but who knows. I'm having lots of anxiety about it because I cant help and I dont know who else is helping Paul... My step father said him and my brother would be around but who knows on the actual day... Pauls friend said he would IF HE WAS AROUND (to me thats a no but we shall see). Pauls sister said she would help but she is working afternoon/ evenings on our estimated moving day. Who knows...

Monday, 10 June 2013

I am miserable and pregnant

Yeahhhh. That's why theres been no posts... nothing new. Probably moving in 10 days... NOT READY AT ALL. too tired to get ready. Standing hurts my groin, sitting makes me feel faint.