Friday, 28 June 2013

First Night Aloneeeee

Kids are with Kev, Paul's on backshift and I am hanging out all alonnnnneeeee in my Harmony Haven.

Absolutely loving it here, so peaceful and nice, just the way life should be :)

My uncles wedding is tomorrow evening, followed by reception and dance. I am excited for Paul to meet more family and SO excited that we will be able to dance together at the reception :) :) Opportunities like that just hardly come up these days. Loving life, loving family.

May not make it through the Summer with all of the kids. How did  they get this BAD?!?! Not bad kids bad but WONT PLAY INDEPENDENTLY bad. Rory is great but Samara and Donavan are a different story. they want either entertained or electronic stimulation. I'm hoping to have changed that by the end of Summer lol. We shall see. Things have actually been going better than I expected without cable so that is something I guess.

Well I think I am going to take my phone and check out some netflix in my bed. Slept from 1:30 to about 7:15 so I am hoping I will still be able to sleep tonight... Guess we will see soon enough!


  1. and that is why my tv is in my room...

    Drew is on the piano and there are three kids huttled around the computer for 30 minutes...

    It is easier to live in the country sans electronics when its nice out... but this weekend is allll rain....

    Yeah last night we made some cool tie dye shirts... but today... blah..

    I think if Myles's baseball games are cancelled we will go to New minus for Monsters University....

    I got a parttime job on the side of my summer job... so I have a little extra money not accounted for ....

    keeps the blogs coming!@!!!

  2. The kids get computer in the morning before I get up but I am thinking it is inspiring them to get up earlier and so be crabbier all day. I told my kids that when I was a kid I loved teh rain and that they will too (OR ELSE) but when it rains they have a better chance at watching a movie on netflix.

    Im broke (moving costs and this baby coming) lol If I thought I could do or get hired for a part time job I would be all over it right about now Im thinking lol