Wednesday, 17 July 2013

If Only It Werent So Uncomfortable To Sit And Type

That about covers it. Sitting is uncomfortable and I hate typing on my phone.

Whats new and exciting?

Not much.

met the new dr, she is great. We are going ahead with the foley induction (yay). Baby is looking big again so we are having a growth scan/ measuring ultrasound to be sure at 38 weeks (I am 36 +3) right now. I am hoping that means that she will consider inducing early. Just want it over with so I can enjoy some summer LOL. yeah Im that selfish at this point.

Because of the size thing she sent me to the diabetes clinic. I cheated at supper (honey ham and then chow on my tatoes and an extra glass of 5% milk... TERRIBLE) and my sugars after an hour were THROUGH THE FREAKING ROOF... (9.4, should have been under 7.8). They were 7.4 after 2 hours but it gives me something to strive for tomorrow... GOOD SUGARS ;) The diet freaking sucks though.

house is going GREAT. I dont feel up to doing ANYTHING around here... Again, cant wait to not be pregnant!

Thats all she wrote right now