Thursday, 20 June 2013

Getting Closerrrrr

Living room needs a little touch up around the bottom, kitchen needs a few TINY unnoticeable things touched up, Dining room is DONE. Bathroom is DONE. Donavan and Rory's John Deere room needs another coat of green on 1 wall and a few touch ups and another full coat of yellow. Samara's room needs another coat and is going to need another can (WOW dark purple). Our room and the hallway and the trims will wait until we are moved in and settled :) Finally my week of painting is almost over :):)

Eastlink comes tomorrow morning to hook up our wireless and home phone in the morning (I bought a cordless and it is charging now... Guess Ill be unhooking the computer tonight to take with me in the morning...)

Packed all day today, tons left to pack.

Family picnic at the park with the school tomorrow then packing in the afternoon. After school The kids are going to their aunts and I will spend the evening making sure we are ready!

It appears the pond is bigger (DEEPER) than we originally thought so Paul will be re-fencing it but the yard has natural boundaries and the older kids are PLENTY old enough to obey them (And play with Rory within them).

Saturday is moving day! I'm sitting in the trailer sweating my ass off and it kills me knowing that my cool double insulated house is sitting there empty and cool.

Today is Mr Donavan's 6th birthday. When Paul gets up it will be time to head to Truro for supper and maybe a little painting....


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  1. i am so super excited for you!!!!! I AM coming to see you Friday the 28th orrrrr sunday the 30th.... you pick.... which one is best for you....


    I will want a full address so I can send you winter solstice cards and (google map my way to your house...)